Removing Snow From Parking Lots Promptly Can Prevent Lawsuits

If snow and ice are an unavoidable fact of winter, so are snow-covered parking lots. But on occasion, when any business fails to take sufficient measures to mitigate the effects of heavy snowfall, that negligence can lead to a lawsuit. This article outlines some tips for reducing your risk by a quick parking lot snow removal after it falls.

Make Sure Employees Are Trained In Safe Snow Removal Techniques

Let’s start by looking at how you should approach snow removal in the first place. The key thing to remember here is that you’re dealing with a potentially dangerous substance. Snow can be heavy, icy, and difficult to maneuver around.

Improperly removing snow from a parking lot can pose a real threat to customers, employees, and others who use the space. With that in mind, it’s crucial to train employees in the best methods for removing snow and ice from the areas where people are most likely to walk, park, or stand during a snowfall.

Hire a Professional Snow Removal Company

If your business has significant parking lots, it may make sense to hire a professional snow removal company to take care of the aspect of parking lot snow removal for your business throughout the season.

Professional snow removal Columbus OH typically have the necessary machinery and expertise to clear snow and ice from large areas quickly and efficiently. They may also be able to help you plan your snow-removal efforts to minimize your liability in the event of an accident. This will allow your business to focus on other aspects of the operation.

Utilize a Snow Blower Rather Than Shoveling By Hand

The best way to remove snow from your parking lot is often with a snow blower. These machines can clear large areas quickly and efficiently, and with far less effort than shoveling by hand.

If you’re clearing a large area, it may make sense to divide it into smaller sections to minimize the amount of time it takes to clear each area. It’s also worthwhile to plan your snow-removal efforts based on how quickly the snowfall is expected to stop, so you can finish clearing the lot before it ends.

During Snowfalls, Commit Additional Staff to Shovel

While you may be able to clear the vast majority of your parking lot with a snow blower, there may still be some areas where a shovel is a better option. Areas where people frequently park—like near entrances, drive-thru lanes, and store entrances—are good candidates for shoveling. You may also need to clear walkways into your business, especially if you have employees who have trouble dealing with slippery or sloped surfaces due to age, disability, or other factors.